About Us

The love for Antique Pocket Watches stems from a rather endearing childhood memory. As the founder of Euro Antique Watches, I recall a fond memory from my childhood where I sat holding a beautiful Silver IWC Schaffhausen Pocket Watch belonging to my Grandfather, and became transfixed watching the second hand travel steadily around the face of the watch. I had a very close bond with my Grandfather, and when he sadly passed away years later, I inherited this Pocket Watch, so of course, the watch serves as a memory of my dear Grandfather. 


From then on, I started collecting Pocket Watches and in 1985 this hobby became a business and I established Euro Antique Watches. I started trading at Antiques Fairs, meeting customers and making business contacts, which brought me much enjoyment and great satisfaction, especially when seeing the delight in my customers faces when they purchase one of my Pocket Watches.    


With times changing and on-line services growing, I made the decision in more recent years to solely trade online, selling mostly Antique Pocket Watches and the occasional clock or pocket watch fob and chain.

When it comes to customer service, my motto is: The client is king! I always offer my best service, and as a result I have received a large amount of very positive feedback regarding both service and packaging over the years. Buying at Euro Antique Watches is guaranteed to be a great experience. We only sell quality merchandise; we do not deal in replicas only genuine merchandise. We make every attempt to avoid errors in our listing & product information, but we are human. If a mistake does occur, we reserve the right to correct it. Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions, I shall answer you as soon as possible.

So, whether you're looking for a gift or simply wanting to add to your own collection, make sure you take a look at the superb array of stock on offer from Euro Antique Watches.


About Us