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Antique Venner Time Switches Ltd Split Second Stop Watch Steel Pocket

£375.00 Approx $451.81, €417.59

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Antique Venner Time Switches Ltd Split Second

Stop Watch Steel Pocket Watch Swiss 1930


A Venner time switches open face steel pocket stop watch, made in Switzerland in the 1930’s. The pocket watch is complete with original box. This watch comes with spare parts material in the movement plate which is rare and a collectable item! The watch is rare because in the middle of the war one could use the spare parts immediately when needed.


Dial: The white enamel dial has bold numbers from 1 to 9 and a red '0' at the 12 position. The split second stop watch is in very good working condition and the sweep hand measures 10 seconds per revolution. It has a tenth-of-second timer with black Arabic numerals and a subsidiary second’s counter. Start, stop and fly-back are operated by the crown. The dial is signed “Venner Time Switches Ltd, No 3020, Type B77, Swiss Made” and is in mint condition.


Movement – this mechanical stop watch mechanism has a system which when you push down on the winder it releases the balance and the watch then almost vibrates as it rapidly goes around accompanying the spinning escape wheel. The movement is signed “N° 3364 DRP 388992 No100230, Spare Parts In Here, Swiss Made”. The movement is in great condition.


Case: The stop watch comes in a steel open face case with a smooth finish and engraved: “Robert, April 1st 1934, From John”. The inner side of the case is numbered: 572674.

The watch is coming in an original navy leather box of the Venner Time Switches Ltd of London-England company. The inside of the box is inlayed with navy velvet and off-white silk with the name of the company printed on it. The box is signed: R.L.A.


Diameter: 57 mm – Weight: 122.3 gr

Signed: Venner - Swiss Made - 1930